TLJ Creations

Earth friendly, one of a kind jewelry for Her or Him. Created from Copper, Sterling, and Genuine Board Camp Crystals, our products are all metaphysical quality and and each one is made by hand. You won't see another like it - we promise!!        JUST ADDED!!!

New Orgone Jewelry, Pyramids, Obelisks, and Suncatchers!!!

Check out our new Bamboo and Crystal Healing Wands! Perfect for Healers, Seers, Channelers, and anyone needing tools to focus power.

Why Choose Us?

Have you ever needed a really unique gift for that picky recipient but all you found online was the same old tired gift ideas? Have you ordered something online and when it arrived you thought "This is NOT what I ordered"! Well that won't happen when you buy from us because we give you all of the details up front! If you need more information, just pick up the phone and call or text the artist and ask your questions. Need something special? No worries! We do special here! We always have a warranty period so you can be sure that your gift is perfect. Hey - you have special people around you, let us help you say "I Love You" to them all!!            -Shelly-

"Great handmade jewelry! He really knows how to create stunning, eclectic art."

Michelle G
Local Business Owner

About Us

Shelly and Tom Jones

Owners and Co-Creators

We are located in the beautiful Ozark Mountains of Northern Arkansas. Our passion is creating wonderfully unique pieces of art that can be worn for any occasion, and for any season or reason! We use up-cycled materials in our art to keep our business and our planet sustainable. All of our Crystals are dug by hand, and cleaned only with pure spring water in order to maintain the inherent metaphysical properties. Please contact us if you have a jewelry piece that you'd like us to work with for you.